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A New Decade of Design

2020 is officially here! With a brand new decade, there is sure to be new and exciting interior design trends on the horizon; all influenced by the current social, environmental, and technological conversations happening right now. Let’s dive in to just some of those discussions that are already impacting design and society as whole.


An already common trend in today’s design world is the rise of technological capabilities- from how we use home automation to healthcare facilities utilizing more tech-focused products to assist doctors in their practice. One major capability has been 3D Printers– now capable of creating entire homes. The very first neighborhood entirely 3D printed is already being lived in. How cool is that?!


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The environment has been an impactful topic, especially in the world of politics. This has impacted textile, furniture, and interior designers as more products are being made of sustainable materials. Textile designers like Brentano shared a sneak peek of their new ‘clear water’ collection that highlights the environmental issue of clean water through their design.


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It is true that interiors shape our environment. Lifestyles are continuously evolving and we expect big shifts within this next decade. Studies have shown that as the global workplace is being reshaped, more people are working from home. This means that home offices are no more an after-thought, but a place that has more design potential. We predict that both residential and commercial spaces continue to become more multi-functional for future generations. Overall, we hope to see positive shifts in the decade to come.


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