Harris Personal Injury Lawyers

Esteban Interiors was tasked with transforming a blank space in El Cortez Condominiums, a San Diego national icon, into an open executive office for Harris Personal Injury Lawyers, Inc. Due to the soaring twenty-foot ceilings and plateresque architectural details, our designers had to tap into their creativity and exceptional taste to mitigate sound, ensure even lighting across the space, and create a human scale. The result was a blend of modern flavor and an approachable residential feel that still respected the building’s history and architecture.

Unique Features:
Custom-made floating light fixtures made of wool felt grids to balance sound and lighting levels.

“Throughout all stages of the redesign, Esteban and James were professional, prompt, and eager to please. We are thrilled with the work performed by Esteban Interiors and would recommend them highly to all.”

– Harris Personal Injury Lawyers, Inc.

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Cortez Hill, San Diego, CA

Design Style: