Awe-Inspiring Technology

In this fast-paced day in age, we are continually exposed to more innovative technological advances. Not only are there more products being made for entertainment purposes– we are now also able to manage our day to day tasks with greater ease and more efficiently by means of technology. Here are just 3 technological Innovations that have had a significant impact on the technology market and the world of interior design.

Sensor Technologies

Water conservation is becoming more crucial in both residential and commercial buildings. The first home automation is HYDRAO- a cutting edge technology to measure how much water you are using and can save when you are taking your shower. With color changing water coming from your showerhead, each color is associated with how much water you have used. You are also able to personalize your experience by setting water consumption thresholds and saving your progress! Click the image below to see more how HYDRAO technology is being used:

Hydrao First Entete

Fitness Re-Imagined

Tonal- an Intelligent Fitness System, is an entire gym built on your wall. Tonal combines revolutionary equipment, expert-led videos, and personalized guidance so that you are able to complete full body workouts without leaving home! Their revolutionary all-in-one equipment combines digital weight with adjustable arms to pack 200 lbs of resistance into a compact strength training machine. For more information on this revolutionary product, click the image below:



Technologies for the Future

Augmented reality, such as Virtual Reality, has already been normalized in our society through entertainment. The question is…are there products being made that will “augment the reality” in our day to day lives? Short answer is YES. Known as “Google Glass”, this product is currently only available to some developers with a fairly big price tag. Google Glass will allow us to check our social media, navigate with GPS, and take photos all through a new brand of “smart glasses”. Google announced in 2017 to stay tuned for an updated version coming out in the near future. Hopefully we can try them out ourselves very soon!


Google Glass Detail