Covid Design Bathroom

COVID & Design

It’s been one year since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. We all had to adjust and evolve in 2020. Many of us were forced to work from home and stay at home, only leaving for essential items. With all hours spent at home transitioning from the work day to winding down to sleep at night, you start envisioning ways to improve your home to fit your needs, keep you safe and keep you sane.

The New Home Office

Working from home is no longer opening a laptop on your dining table. With this new norm, offices are becoming a more permanent space in the home. We start thinking of what our backgrounds for Zoom meetings look like, sound mitigation to keep neighborhood noise from intruding on office calls, and the perfect desk set up to stay motivated. A folding chair and table simply will not suffice now that working from home, for some, naturally lends to work longer than the usual 8 hour work day.

Covid Design Homeoffice

Entertaining at Home…OUTSIDE

Inviting others back into your home, is not just deciding what the main course is, but thinking of how you can do so safely. Home entertainers are finding ways to tap into any exterior space available to them and redesigning their outdoor entertaining experience. Creating zones for lounging, dining, and recreation all come into consideration when preparing for your next outdoor soirée, of no more than three households of course.

Covid Design Outdoor

Tranquility in a Bathroom

You’ve officially clocked out for the day, fed the family dinner, and everyone has just had enough of each other. Cue up the zen tunes and get ready to escape to your favorite place. Peace and quiet is all we need at the end of a long day in the office…at home, to refresh, recharge, and to do it all again the next day. Water, steam, lighting, and aromatherapy create the ultimate package for soaking the day away in Kohler’s soon to be released Stillness bath revealed at this year’s CES event. A moment of complete tranquility is just a bath away.

Covid Design