Going Dark

Going to the Dark Side

During the month of October, we would like to celebrate a “hauntingly” beautiful design trend that is sure to become even more popular in 2020. Traditionally, homeowners have taken the safe route by painting exteriors with light, neutral colors. Recently, we have seen residential and commercial buildings going to the “dark side”… giving exteriors a refreshingly modern, bold, and almost authoritative feel.

The History

The look of dark exterior homes have not always been a radical design choice. Dating back to the 18th Century, traditional methods of protecting wood were used that resulted in a blackened look. For example, Shou sugi bam was an old Japanese practice that involved charring wood; used primarily as a resistant against pests, fire, and weather.


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The Pros

Dark exterior homes “amplify modern architecture, making hard lines and angles even sharper. It also breathes new life to aged and dated homes, removing bland and murky hues for a timeless color choice.” Traditional homes can look great with a fresh coat of matte black. Modern homes can be taken that the next level with a glossy black look. Black exteriors also provide a great break in color when adjacent to white exteriors. Charcoal grey is a great dark and dramatic option as well.

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Design Directions

Now that we understand the beauty of dark exteriors, what about trim colors or other design details? When you match the trim color with the body of the house, you are able to truly see the overall architectural design of the house. You can also break up the dark hues with light colors, creating contrast to highlight various architectural details. In any of these design choices, we encourage homeowners and business owners to consider this bold trend, rather than take the safe route with a traditional light color palette. Go bold or go home!

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