Haute Following

Haute Following

Setting trends…a designer’s perspective

We are always looking at what other designers and firms are doing to insure we are ten steps ahead. We view ourselves as early adopters and like creating something new from the conventional. One example is the evolving trend for mixing black with gold or white with gold; taking that trend a few steps further to create something unique that feels new, before they hit the mainstream market, is what will establish you as a true “Trendsetter”.

Knowing when to step back…

Clients always come to us with “Wish lists or Magazine Pages”, which we welcome and encourage. However, no matter how incredibly valuable that practice is, it is just as important to take some time to step back to clearly understand the full picture. This allows us to carefully guide the client through their journey. It is the designer’s job to see areas of opportunity and communicate these quickly, while steering them away from the obvious cliché and showing them a new way of looking at their interior space.

Understanding roles…

It’s the designers role to show a client something new, but that still relates to the client’s “Wish list”. Too often we hear: “I want that look…” or “Can you duplicate this room…”. As designers, our main goal is to deliver a compelling design that speaks to the client’s objectives, while maintaining a voice in the design process and delivering a space that is fresh and timeless.