The Evolution Of Finishes

The Evolution of Finishes

One of the most notable interior design trends has been the ability to fully customize your space through a wider variety of finish options. Finishes are a very important aspect to the interior design process. Manufacturers and suppliers are now offering consumers a much wider variety of finish options to choose from, many of which are new to the market. Let’s explore just some of these new finishes and finish trends that are sure to bring a WOW-factor to any residential or commercial application…

Mad About Matte

Matte finishes have been on the rise as they bring a simplistic and subtle sophistication to any designed space. The clean and smooth look of this finish allows for a great contrast against glossy finishes or fixtures. Cambria, a natural stone company, offers new matte finishes that offer the same “durability, easy-care convenience, and no absorbency of our high gloss surfaces to give you the same incredible performance for life.”

Matte Black Finish

More Finishes

Manufacturers have been exploring unique finishes and responding to consumer demand. From every detail, such as shower drain grates, companies like Schluter-Systems are offering finishes such as rose gold, classic gold, antique gold, and nickel. Plumbing fixture companies, like BRIZO, are offering a new finish line “Brilliance” that boasts its high durability features in finishes like stainless, polished nickel, and brushed bronze. According to BRIZO, “Brilliance finishes are designed to maintain a pristine look for life—with no corroding, tarnishing or discoloration. This creates a finish that resists abrasions and discoloration better than traditional special finishes and, in many cases, better than chrome.” Our personal favorite from BRIZO is their “English Gold” finish, which is a very soft pale brass.

Metal Bllocks

3d rendering metal blocks in multicolored and pattern

Mixed Metals

The use of mixed metals has the opportunity to bring an exciting visual appeal to any space. With the ability to choose from a wide variety of finishes, it is important to establish some parameters. When mixing metals, select one dominate metal finish. Keep your mixed metals to no more than 2-3 finishes, but be sure to balance out “cool” metal finishes such as stainless steel with “warm” metal finishes such as brass or copper. “Neutral” metals such as iron or black can be used as the dominate metal or an accent with either cool or warm finishes. Creating the right harmony and levels of finishes will ultimately result in a more balanced space and exciting design.

Mixed Metals Design